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With thanks to Peas and Crayons!

WIAW, on a lazy Sunday
B; Coffee with the lovely man and almond butter and strawberry jam oatmeal.
S; Honeydew goodness.
L; Cinnamon soy yoghurt with fig compote, fresh figs and toasted pecans.
S; Paleo fig and hazelnut crackers with manuka honey and banana
D; Balsamic chicken with gluten free penne and steamed vegetables

Making Fig and Hazelnut Crackers (paleo and gluten and dairy free).

Sticky maple gingerbread oatmeal with poached pears

Plain soy yoghurt with blueberries, chia and trailmix

Simple packed lunch

Mango and raspberry green protein smoothie

Pear and walnut oatmeal topped with dried figs and maple syrup

Cinnamon soy yoghurt with greek mountain pine honey and a sprinkling of toasted seeds

Gluten free penne with hot smoked salmon and steamed vegetables, sprinkled with garlic and paprika fleur de sel

Locally made sausages with mediterranean vegetable and potato bake

Potato and vegetable layered bake

Cherry and dried williams pear chia oatmeal topped with toasted seeds, almond butter and maple syrup

Flaked trout, quinoa, steamed vegetables

Low-carb lunch; boiled egg, smoked turkey, steamed vegetables.

Mango and blueberry green smoothie with maca and chia seeds