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My birthday cake, made by lovely man’s father, a 78 year old retired patissiere!

White chocolate rose

Chocolate workshop with greek baba

Smoked turkey, poached egg, squash, salad

Octopus, grilled potatoes, salad

Fresh herbs from the garden

Lactose free greek yoghurt with greek mountain pine honey, toasted seeds, banana and dates

Salmon, day-fresh egg, squash/sweet potato, ratatouille and steamed broccoli

Fish, poached eggs, ratatouille and grilled potatoes

Leftover chicken souvlaki, smoked turkey and salad

Tuna, poached egg, squash, tomato sauce and steamed courgettes

Octopus, rice, squash, ratatouille

Fish, salad and steamed vegetables for a simple packed lunch

Market shopping was a feast for the senses, and there were some real treats for a tomato lover like me! There were some amazing heritage varieties to choose from, all pleasingly higgledy-piggeldy and non-uniform in shape and colouration.

Bucket of Nutella, anyone?