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Chocolate soy yoghurt with mango and almonds

Tuna salad wrap

Spanish chicken, steamed rice and mange touts

Muesli oatmeal with almond butter, dried figs and pecans

Fruit salad, soy yoghurt and pomegranate arils

Steamed brown basmati, smoked chicken and king prawns and steamed vegetables

Balsamic roasted vegetables

Fruit and nut porridge

Hot smoked salmon, gluten-free penne, steamed vegetables

Making sundried tomato and red onion beef burgers

Tuna salad on sourdough toast

Strawberry-cocoa-chestnut chia oatmeal

Fig, currant and pecan oatmeal

Spelt spaghetti, lots of stirfry veggies and marinara

Cherry, fig and plum soy yoghurt